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  • Posted:December 05, 2017

Local Poverty Reduction Fund Announcement

Downtown Toronto organizations receive nearly $1.3 million

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  • Posted:November 02, 2017

Want to access our Liberty Village station petition?

Check it out here

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  • Posted:October 10, 2017

Got Questions about Social Housing Repairs?

Get some information here

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  • Posted:September 26, 2017

Ontario is ready to work with city to create new tax category for arts and culture hubs

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  • Posted:September 11, 2017

Confused About Riding Changes?

Let our office help you

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  • Posted:September 07, 2017

Want to access our survey?

Have your say in our online survey

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  • Posted:May 17, 2017

I Want To Hear From You

Proposed Legislation That Affects Our Community

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  • Posted:May 11, 2017

Free Canada Day Sign For Your Lawn or Window

In celebration of Canada and Ontario's 150th Birthday

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  • Posted:November 02, 2016

Ontario Proposing Changes to Ontario Municipal Board to Improve Efficiency and Accessibility

Trinity-Spadina Residents Encouraged to Attend the Public Town Hall on Tuesday, November 15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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  • Posted:September 15, 2016

Ontario Making Shingles Vaccine Free for Seniors

First-in-Canada Program Will Save Seniors in Trinity-Spadina Money and Support Healthy Aging

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  • Posted:September 14, 2016

Ontario Reintroduces Affordable Housing Bill

Legislation Would Support Better Access to Affordable Housing Across the Province

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  • Posted:August 24, 2016

Nominate A Volunteer In Trinity-Spadina!

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards Call For Nominations Now Open

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  • Posted:May 12, 2016

Ontario Helping More Schools Become Community Hubs

Province Investing in Schools to Better Serve Communities in Trinity-Spadina

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  • Posted:May 11, 2016

Ontario Investing $9.7 Million for New and Renovated Schools in Trinity-Spadina

Province Supporting Student Achievement And Well-Being With Better Places To Learn

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  • Posted:March 14, 2016

Ontario Investing in Interactive Digital Media Sector in Trinity-Spadina

Province Increasing Support for Interactive Digital Media Fund

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  • Posted:March 08, 2016

MPP Han Dong Honours Two Exceptional Women in Trinity-Spadina

Recipients Announced for Ontario's Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities Award

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  • Posted:March 04, 2016

Licensing Home Inspectors in Ontario

MPP Han Dong Introduces a Private Member's Bill to License Home Inspectors

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  • Posted:March 02, 2016

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)

The OESP will provide an ongoing rate reduction directly on the bills of eligible low-income Ontario consumers

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  • Posted:February 29, 2016

Ontario Making New $345 Million Investment In Hospitals

2016 Budget Includes New Investments in High-Quality Health Care

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  • Posted:February 29, 2016

Ontario Lowering Fares For Union Pearson Express Riders

New Option For Commuters To Move Across The Region

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